the steki is an online hub of beautiful and brilliant design ideas that have become a tangible reality.


We love designers and small brands. the steki is a place to host their projects and to talk about amazing work that isn’t usually covered by the mainstream design community.


You’ll find that everything on the steki is drenched in appeal, history, imagination, skill, and class. We share all that and look to the inspirational stories behind the products – the designers, their techniques and motivations.


And once in a while we delve into a design idea or conversation that just can’t be missed.


If you would like to contribute an article, interview or pitch your portfolio or project to us, we would love to hear from you so pull up a chair and hang out with us.


the steki*

* Steki – Gr. στέκι (noun) – a hangout; a spot frequented often for socialising.

The steki - jo skoulikas

The founder

Jo Skoulikas started the steki in mid 2015, soon after leaving her flashy life as a City lawyer, with a view to promoting great product design from her favourite places.


She’s a story-lover that has no creative skills whatsoever (other than carving a pumpkin for Halloween), but admires anyone else that does.


To prove it she’s created this platform that lets small but brilliant design businesses reach a broader audience. If we’re going to fill our homes and offices, let’s do it properly – know who made it, how they made it and where it came from.

In the press


LifoMag - logo


  LIFO – October 2015






         The Greek Reporter  October 2015

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