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Gonçalo Prudêncio set up his label, GPOD – Gonçalo Prudêncio Office for Design – in 2006 and passionately creates within the fields of product and furniture design.


Gonçalo and his network of local craftsman focus on making clean line ideas a reality by using resources and materials natural to their own environments and maintain a strong relationship with the simplicity of the art of ‘making’.


GPOD works with clients to tailor products to needs whilst also generating lines of products that exemplify its own brand. Due to the firm belief that the manufacturing industry and retail are facing brand new challenges, each requiring appropriate and contemporary answers, GPOD works passionately towards adapting to them head-on and successfully in order to create a new model of business.


The latest line of tableware, Eat.pt, exemplifies the GPOD philosophy where only local and regional limestone, acacia wood and copper and tin are used in the series.

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