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VICARA is a design group made up of individuals; people that, with their way of thinking and doing, contribute as a whole to a certain identity.

The VICARA team searches for plurality in its product range, stretching across different typologies and professional training that each bring a fresh creative approach, culminating in tailored solutions for different sectors.


VICARA is based in Leiria, Portugal and is dedicated to curating a catalogue of products that test their own boundaries. Each product has its subject, its history and its place. The team delights in using unexpected materials and innovative production processes and concepts that go beyond an establish way of thinking for everyday items.


The VICARA team is coordinated by Paulo Sellmayer, Creative Director and Fábio Afonso, Production Manager who invite designers to contribute to the VICARA range. Some of the team so far has included:


GIF_TIAGO_COSTA Tiago Sá da Costa – Tiago was one of the first designers to join the Vicara team and brought the CorkyBowl and Corkmatter Lugh to the repertoire, revealing the exciting versatility of the cork material.

SAMUEL ReisSamuel Reis – Samuel is an observer and recollector of the natural environment and defers to is as his creative agent. His work explores natural forms and materials, which can then be integrated in the creation of new objects. One of the clearest and most beautiful examples of this is his Cerne carafe for Vicara.

Jorge Carreira VICARAJorge Carreira – Jorge has created Cimento for Vicara. His driving philosophy is to focus on the process of ‘making’. On that path, his new  designs pop up unexpectedly – at points before which others are prepared to consider a product ‘finished’. In this way, Jorge’s designs are utterly unique.

paulo-sellmayer - Vicara

paulo-sellmayer – Vicara

Paulo Sellmayer is a Portuguese-German designer and is the creative director at VICARA. Amongst other creations for Vicara, he’s developed the tongue-in-cheek Cristo Purificador. His projects are enveloped by the cultural implications of any object, its materiality and its symbolism.

fabio-afonso - Vicara

fabio-afonso – Vicara

Fabio Afonso is co-founder of VICARA. He has also worked for Projecto 84 and is now at Concentra in Angola. His work is characterized by the use of honest materials, simple and funcitonal shapes. Fabio is the creator of the Cartonado Table Lamp.


Eneida Tavares – Vicara

Eneida Tavares’ works are the outcomes of exploring her family roots. The  materials and artisanal techniques she adopts have taken her down the route of ceramics and basketry.

She designs and produces the Caruma Ceramic Vase series for Vicara.

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