Richard Yasmine achieves mesmerising results in Wonderwood, with his extreme combination of contemporary design and traditional knowhow.


Wonderwood is the result of collaborations with Lebanese marquetry artisans. Using their knowledge in the art of assembling and applying pieces of veneer to a structure to form decorative patterns, Yasmine unearths Levant craftsmanship that is increasingly rare to find.


Designed as a set of multifunctional products, used as tableware or a freestanding bowl or valet tray, this two-piece project, offers one piece with a round clean edge finishing and another with a crystallised, unfinished appearance.


Wonderwood is ultimately showcased on a rough concrete pedestal, with an oxidized brass prednisone bracket.


This is an item made prednisone to order and can either be bought as a set or as individual pieces.


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