A Future Perfect Christmas

27 Nov Herrrrree’s Santa!


It’s CHRIISSSSSTMASSSSS! No, it’s not. But nearly. And to help you out we’re going to jump on the bandwagon that should look more like a sleigh and give you some gift inspiration for the humans you love in your life. Now, go…shop!

For your nest (ask for it)…

It’s the little details that make a home, yours.

So, add the industrial Cimento vase to that corner, introduce furniture all the way from Beirut in the form of the Arcus stool by Sayar&Garibeh; let your friends rest their glass of mulled wine on their Concrete City of choice; switch on the ingenious Cartonada table lamp , sit back and smile at your cheeky Frooga hunting trophy that’s the result of some of the most modern technology and serve memories on the DAYS plates.

For the gents…

He revels in the finer things but always has a cheeky side.

The Cerne carafe is a favourite with quite a story to tell. His keys can hang off his favourite Traces city whilst he can have a tongue-in-cheek offering in his boy-toy car in the shape of Cristo. And if he thinks he’s a clever-clogs the Game Box 63 will test this nous (and take him away from the TV).

But for this seriously elegant side, the Krama Studio Raw Brass Pen wins hands down.

For the dames…

The Lommer girls keep knocking it out the park with their distinctive bag designs that allow for the versatility of characters owning them. For the edgier goddess the Traces Cuff will be a treat. The creative type will love the story behind the handmade Caruma vase and if she’s a traveller, some memories from Athens will go far.

The final elegant touch comes from the Krama Studio series Rhodium pen, ideal for the City pro and the stylish organiser.

For mini humans…

If you don’t win over that Godchild, niece, nephew, own offspring at Christmas, when will you?

Avoid mounds of wasteful plastic and gender-stereotyped gifts, have a gander at these ideas…origami-style Greek gods  in the form of Meet the Greeks (let’s not be ageist here, adults seem to love these too), eco-friendly clever building blocks for the toddlers by The Wandering Workshop and most creatively of all, a DIY Christmas Tree Kit.

For the smart professional…

Those hipster graphic designers always need a helping hand with the font sizes and a pt Selector by Paperkingdom will do just that.

Then your trendy mates can take out one of their Retro Notebooks or Traces and jot down their ideas.

The super-pros  will need a Krama Studio Aluminium Clipboard, as they go round saving the planet. And they can write on it with one of the sexy Krama Studio pens, don’t you think?

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