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16 Dec Oh! My Woodness!


Dede, an award-winning creative studio based in Athens, have designed and launched an alternative solid-wood sofa that we have utterly fallen for.

As with everything that catches the steki’s eye, the Oh! My Woodness! sofa combines so many of the characteristics we want to champion.

For this project, Dede (‘Dextrous Design’ made up of industrial designers Aliki Rovithi and Foant Ansour) were commissioned by Minimal Classic, an Athenian company that makes unique furniture exclusively out of solid wood. Their brief was to design a sofa with a contemporary look and one that shows off the beautiful leading role that wood can play. At heart, was a desire to put a spin on the common ‘fabric only’ concept of our sofas.

Dede - Foant and Aliki

Dede took the lead from previous projects where they had successfully combined user needs with fun design and created the Oh! My Woodness! sofa which doubles up as a table as and when your company requires it. Made of certified, sustainable Limba solid wood, Dede also created something with an additional environmental aspect. It’s transportable as a flat pack collection of collapsable pieces therefore cutting down its own carbon footprint.

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When asked if the Dede team were ‘environmentally conscious’ designers, they wisely explained to us that “there shouldn’t be a segregation between ‘design’ and ‘environmentally conscious design'” but rather “Each design practice and manufacturing process should respond to the social, environmental, and economic challenges that our planet is facing.”

Aliki highlighted how the “dematerialization” approach to industrial design has been an ongoing concern of theirs since the beginning of Dede’s involvement in design.

Along with the thoughtfulness of the wood materials Dede has prednisone chosen for this sofa, easy assembly with no-tools and the cunning combination of two pieces of furniture in one (a sofa as well as table, either on the sides or by removing cushions), another detail has been carefully considered. The fabric chosen for the accompanying cushions is specially coated to avoid sliding on the surface of the wood.

All in all, the Oh! My Woodness! Sofa is the sort of thing we should be buying more of. Handmade, sustainable, stylish and social. As simple as that.

If you’re interested in learning more, or would like to place an order get in touch with the Minimal Classic at [email protected] and share the love by clicking on the social buttons above.

dede oh my woodness sofa

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