The Ancients coming up with the goods

Ταμείο Αρχαιολογικών Πόρων και Απαλλοτριώσεων Archaelogical Receipts fund competition

28 Jan The Ancients coming up with the goods


Competition results for a challenge set by the Archaeological Receipts Fund of Greece, have just been announced. Here are some of our favourites.

The Fund asked Greek creatives to submit their graphic design interpretations of ancient themes and symbols, where the best designs would be brought to life in merchandise across all the museums the Fund represents around the country. No pressure!

From specific ‘characters’ such as the Minoan Snake Goddess and the Verging Sun, through to ancient architectural details or the shapes of famous amphitheatres, designers were asked to include upto three designs in relation to their choice of categories, each of which represent works showcased across the Fund’s museum portfolio.

Out of 200 designers who submitted their proposals, 18 are on the prednisone list of winners and runners up. Here’s a taste of some of the winning ideas:

The task set was specifically for designers to create an ‘updated visual language’, one that was imaginative, inventive prednisone and dynamic and therefore served the the needs of a more and more ‘experienced’ shopping community.

For a full exploration of the winning designs go to the Greek Graphic Designers Association pages.

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Designers in order of Slideshow 1:
– Zafeiria Spagadorou (runner up)
– Athina Konstiantou (runner up)
– Vasilis Georgiou
– Athina Konstiantou (runner up)
– Zafeiria Spagadorou (runner up)
– Vasso Asfi
– Dimitris Mitrousis (runner up)
– George Chandrinos (runner up)
– Sourapas & Sia
Designers in order of Slideshow 2:
– Dimitris Koliadimas
– Katerina and Christina Petsiou
– Katerina and Christina Petsiou
– Vasso Asfi
– Dimitris Tsavaras
– Dimitris Tsavaras
– Nearchos Daskas
– George Marinoglou
– Dimitris Kourkoutis
– Sourapas & Sia

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