Mr. Yasmine and his magic tricks

Richard Yasmine - wonderwood

21 Jan Mr. Yasmine and his magic tricks


Richard Yasmine magically enlivens the centuries-old techniques of marquetry and intarsia to create wonderfully fresh, multifunctional pieces.

Yasmine, born and bred in Beirut, has taken his skills as an architect and worked with the few remaining expertly skilled artisans in Lebanon, to create Wonderwood – a two-piece project, designed as a set of multifunctional products, to be used as tableware, freestanding pieces or even a valet tray.

Richard Yasmine - wonderwood

 The combination of traditional and modern skills, the collection of types of wood and range of colours, and even of materials (from wood, stone and brass) has created a set of pieces that contrast and yet still form a suited pair. They generate two different sensations in the choice of textures – the rounded traditional bowl or the jagged wild platter.

And the ‘how’? The techniques of intarsia and marquetry are combined, with pieces of wood carefully being selected, matched and fixed together. To create the unique pattern, pieces of marquetry are then added. The entire piece is then sculpted, polished, further marquetry is inlayed and a final treatment of acid and sand blasting is used, followed by finishing.

Richard Yasmine - wonderwood making of

Yasmine calls it a “sculptural piece of art“. It clearly is, where the fascinating age-old skills are used to create prednisone something so contemporary.

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